You don’t often hear about Pilanesberg when looking for must see destinations in South Africa. This is a not so hidden gem that every so often gets overlooked. Here’s why you must take a trip to the mountains of the North West Province.

Pilanesberg, is named after Pilane, an early Tswana chief from the area. Pilanesberg has since evolved into a geological and ecological tourist destination boasting magnificent volcanic landscapes and unparalleled wildlife. With the greater part of the Pilanesberg enclosed in a game reserve this area has naturally become a hotspot for local and international tourists and wildlife enthusiasts.

Pilanesberg is a mountain range made up of concentric volcanic structures which formed the surrounding ridges and hills. The landscape is beautifully stacked to encompass fertile land and stunning views including gorgeous natural dams. Pilanesberg has rich platinum deposits which further stimulates this already prosperous economy. This thriving area will surprise even the most passionate traveller, with its unique and mysterious beauty and fun filled family activities. From Archery to traditional drum sessions Pilanesberg has a variety of both indoor and outdoor adventures. 

If you are looking to get away but are looking for something slightly off the beaten track, why not swing by the Pilanesberg for a look at some of the magnificent wildlife and stunning landscapes on offer.


Explore Pilanesberg:

Pilanesberg National Park: Take a day tour through the Pilanesberg National Park to see the stunning landscapes and magnificent wildlife this volcanic mountain has to offer.

Hot Air Ballooning: One of the most stunning ways to views this natural wonder as you float gently over the National park taking in the wildlife and the breath-taking views.

Predator World: An amazing opportunity to see some of the globes most rare and majestic predators from big cats to little ones.